Introducing Video Verification for BACtrack View

At BACtrack, we take trust and accountability very seriously, which is why we're excited to announce a great new feature update to the BACtrack View App: Video Verification. Previously, the BACtrack View App took a still photo of the Tester while the test was being taken. Moving forward, instead of a photo, the App will record a short video of the Tester during the testing process. 

Video verification makes the testing process even more secure and adds an additional layer of accountability for Testers. This new feature will be available in the App Store on Wednesday September 16th, 2020.

Video Verification FAQ

  • Will this change happen automatically? No, in order to utilize the video feature, you will need to update your BACtrack View App on your device, beginning 9/16/2020.
  • Is this required? At the moment, this is not required. If you do not update your App, you will continue to see photos instead of video. At some point in the near future however, you will be required to update your App.
  • Does this cost extra? No, video verification will be available on all billing plans.
  • How long are the videos? The videos are roughly 10-15 seconds. The recording starts approximately 4-5 seconds before the test is taken, and 3 seconds after it's been completed.
  • Will this affect the testing process? No, the testing process and the time it takes to complete a test will be exactly the same. The only difference is that the camera records a video instead of taking a photo.
  • Will this affect previous tests results? No, your previous test results will not be affected. Those test results will still show the original photo.
  • Will the videos take up space on my phone? No, videos are not stored locally on your phone. The videos are securely stored on our BACtrack servers and streamed to your phone when you press play (think of watching a YouTube video on your phone).
  • Can videos be deleted? No, similar to photos of the test, neither the Tester nor the Monitor can delete videos.
  • Who can view the videos? Just like the photos, a Monitor and/or Accountability Partner will be able to see the video test results. If you are are Self Tester, you will also be able to see your own videos. Testers with a Monitor however, will only be able to see their photo, but not the video.